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Thompson & Co. Salon Parlor is an Iowa City salon that has been serving the area with high-quality salon services for over five years now.  Ultimately, we see ourselves as an everyday salon that still manages to be on top of the trends and can deliver them to the people who are interested.

In the time we’ve been here, we’ve built a business we’re proud of.  Our salon is modern and chic, yet comfortable and homey; we’re passionate about and good at what we do; and we’ve gathered a whole team of expert hair stylists who know how to keep our customers—whoever they might be and whatever they might want—looking good and fresh whenever they walk out of our salon.   

We’ve also been fortunate enough to partner with a number of local and globally renowned organizations.  These groups help us bring both ourselves and our customers the highest quality service to a community we very much love and are happy to be a part of, every day.

So, maybe you just need a quick trim on the sides of your fade…. or maybe you’re looking for a free-hand blonde balayage…. or maybe you don’t know what you want.  

Well, whatever you need, and whoever you are, Thompson & Co. Salon Parlor is here to help.  Visit today for the hair services you deserve!

Our Iowa City Hair Stylists

Bobby Thompson
Kayla Thompson
Director Stylist
Director Stylist
Amanda H
Master Stylist
Executive Stylist
Executive Stylist
Master Stylist
Master Stylist
Designer Stylist
Designer Stylist
Designer Stylist
Designer Stylist
Designer Stylist
Designer Stylist
Designer Stylist
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Clean Environment

A clean salon is a happy salon.  We make sure to keep the place fresh and sanitary to ensure our comfort for all customers.

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Friendly Staff

It takes trust to let someone come at your hair with scissors.  Our hair stylists know this, and they’re ready to work with all customers.

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Gorgeous Services

No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, you can bet you’ll be walking out of our salon feeling new and refreshed.

In The Community

Our Hair Salon's Partnerships in Iowa City and Beyond

Thompson & Co. believes in investing in the Iowa City community and beyond.  Click below to see how we invest, and how you might be able to get involved.