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The color of your hair isn’t just a big part of your hair’s personality—it can be a big part of your personality, too.  The color of clothes you wear, how you style your hair, even how hot or cold you get during certain times of the year, can all depend on your hair color. 

So what’s your color?

At Thompson & Co. Salon in Iowa City, hair coloring is a huge component of what we do.  We can keep things simple with a single process routine; we could do an intensive blonde balayage, or a number of other colors; and even if you need beard coloring or color correction, we do all that and more.  

So, no matter who you are or what hair coloring you might need, make your way down to Thompson & Company’s Salon in Iowa City today!

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Single Process Services

If you’re looking for a new permanent hair color, highlights, or a hair gloss and shine treatment, this is the service for you.  Our trusted Iowa City hair stylists are well-versed in single process services, and we’re more than happy to get you the color you want or help maintain the one you already have.